Inti Creates Reveals Card-en-Ciel

Developer Inti Creates is working on Card-en-Ciel, a spiritual successor to the Mega Man Battle Network series.

Card-en-Ciel will be shown at this week’s PAX East expo in Boston, Massachusetts, from March 21 to 24.

You play as Neon, a gaming detective who wants to collect all 300 cards in what Inti Creates calls a deck-building RPG.


Card-en-Ciel features “Muse Cards,” which can be used during card battles to activate powerful abilities through their songs. The game includes 50 vocal tracks to choose from.

Players can use hidden “glitches” found in cards and even enemies’ attacks to create full-power combos with their unique decks, along with the abilities of the Muses’ songs. Special “Muse Cards” add another layer to the card battles, activating powerful abilities with their songs during battle. 50 vocal tracks are included in-game.

Characters from other game universes also appear in a work in progress, and Neon needs to figure out why this is happening.


The cards in the Card-en-Ciel universe depict characters from various games. Players can collect them after retrieving them from the games’ dungeons. These characters can be helpful when the virtual world enters an “all-out war.”

As you achieve victories, you can select a card to incorporate into your deck to enhance it and create new combinations. These cards can be utilized during battles by playing them, utilizing them for movement, or a Special Skill. This enables you to utilize every card in your deck to its maximum potential within the intricate combat system of Card-en-Ciel.

Muse Cards introduce an additional layer to combat. By satisfying specific conditions during battle, they activate a unique song that unlocks a special ability and allows you to explore new strategies and combinations for the rest of your deck.

You can use these potent song abilities, hidden card “glitches,” and even your opponents’ attacks against them to execute satisfying, full-power combos.

You’ll also meet characters in dungeons alongside the dungeon bosses, and you can collect each game hero’s cards to win the war.

Card-en-Ciel is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.