Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake – Episode 2 Focuses on Story

Last week’s introductory episode of Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake focused on the early days in 2012 where key members of the development team discussed a potential remake and some of the things they wanted to change.

In this week’s episode, the video focuses on the story and characters of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Producer Yoshinori Kitase being the featurette by recollecting his playthrough of the original Final Fantasy VII just before work on the remake began.

“I was surprised by how much shorter the story in Midgar is, compared to how I remembered it,” Kitase says, “If you just go straight through the original, the story up to leaving Midgar will be over after around seven or eight hours. I had an image of being in Midgar a lot longer than that. So that was different from how I remembered it in the past.” Thus began work on expanding Midgar to the current iteration and scope that Final Fantasy VII Remake offers players.

Since the remake is shifting to an episodic formula, this allows the developers the option to expand and enhance the story. The first part will be entirely in Midgar and introduces new characters, locations, and secrets with details fans will appreciate.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.