Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode 1, A Developer Diary

Square Enix released Episode 1 of Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is a first in a series of featurettes featuring key members of the development team.

In the first episode (which should also be the name of the first entry in the remake) we see Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Director Tetsuya Nomura, Scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, Co-Director Game Design and Programming, Naoki Hamaguchi, and Co-Director Scenario Design Motomu Toriyama.

Kitase mentions that talks for the remake began in 2012, around the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. Kitase, Nomura, and Shinji Hashimoto about the potential project. The response was a bit of shock, followed by a ton of excitement so it’s nice to see everyone was on board from the start.

There is a ton of information spread out through the video, be sure to check it out!

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to launch April 10, 2020 on PlayStation 4 with a demo available now.



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