Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Inside Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – Episode 1 Focuses On Shaping The World

With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirt hout and in the hands of fans, Square Enix is back with the Inside Final Fantasy series, this time focusing on the incredible follow-up.

The 15-minute video includes Naoki Hamaguchi, director of Rebirth; Yoshinori Kitase, producer; Tetsuya Nomura, creative director; and several other employees who helped bring the world to life through sound, music, art, and lighting, to name a few departments.

“The original FFVII is a highly respected IP with many fans, so thinking about how we can re-imagine it and have those users excited and satisfied once the game arrives in their hands,
was something we thought a lot about, and challenged ourselves, while making the previous game,” says Hamaguchi.

“With new songs, creating for scenes that weren’t previously there, or newly creating around it,

There’s freedom there to some degree, but not in a way that strays from the original,” reveals  Mitsuto Suzuki, composer on the project. “There had to be continuity when placing old and new scenes next to each other, so there was some pressure around that. We paid careful attention to how the music fit within a scene or the game, more so than the independent composition itself.”

“I’ve always felt that the various villages and towns, fields, and natural landscapes, all of these various components coming together are the essence of a Final Fantasy title, so being able to take part in that challenge gave me a sense of excitement and joy more than anything else,” says Makoto Ise, sound director on the project.

The team working on the sound direction wanted to provide a sense of joy and excitement as they moved out of Midgar, which had a lived-in feeling. However, the shift to an open world meant they had to showcase how everything was connected. By focusing on the feeling of exploration, the team was able to bring a grand sense of scale to the world.
The video dives into the Gold Saucer and the importance of getting the theme park right, as it is filled with minigames and features an iconic theme. The team working on the sound wanted to use current technology to invoke the same sense of magic from over twenty years ago, so they used the sound system design. The main theme uses 3D audio, with the sound playing downward so you hear it from above, then spreading to the entire era.
“We knew the Gold Saucer was a location that users would really be looking forward to, so when we initially drafted the designs, I think we struggled the most here.’ This was partly due to how memorable the area is and how catchy the theme is when you enter the Gold Saucer.
The rest of the video details working on Cosmo Canyon, among other locations, and you should set aside the time to check it out, as hearing development stories is always such a fascinating side of the industry.
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is out now on PlayStation 5.