Inkbound 1.0 Launches This April

The online co-op game is ready for full release

After nearly a full year in Early Access on Steam, and at least one significant update that happened towards the end of 2023, Inkbound is ready for its 1.0 release.

Described as a turn-based tactical action roguelike, Inkbound is the next big thing from the creators of the indie hit Monster Train. The developers posted the news on Steam and their Discord server saying in part: “You might have noticed that we haven’t been posting many updates… That’s because the entire team has been hard at work on the biggest update of all: the 1.0 launch!”

The game takes you on a journey of magic and team-based tactics. It’s colourful and creative, with a world with some profound and engaging lore to dig into.

The team at Shiny Shoe has been interacting and adjusting their approach to the game since it became available. They point out that they’ve made massive changes and pivoted in a number of areas, from combat balance to new tutorials and armour sets to completely eliminating the “battle pass” system that was created.

They add that players who enjoy the lore of Inkbound and The Atheneum will finally experience the final chapter in the game’s story. And this isn’t just about the story; a new final boss is also waiting to be fought.

Controller support is also on the way, as well as an improved experience on Steam Deck. It’s a game that thrives on a co-op experience but can also be played solo.

I have spent several hours with the Early Access build and have had a great time digging into different builds and loadouts for each class. In my experience, the community in the game was wonderful. Teamwork equals success in Inkbound, and it seems like everyone I ran into was on the same page and was happy to help anyone who came along. I played with random people every time and never had a poor experience.