Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai

New Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Gameplay Released By Square Enix

Square Enix and developers Game Studio and Kai Graphics released new Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai gameplay.

The series is based on the manga Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai and features multiple playable characters, each with their fighting style.

Here’s a breakdown from Square Enix on combat:

Normal Attacks

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Normal attacks with your equipped weapon can be chained for up to three strikes.


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Skills and spells unleash potent attacks. Be careful, though – you’ll have to wait for the cooldown before you use them again.

Coups de Grâce

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“Coup de Grâce” are ultimate attacks used when filling a dedicated gauge. They’re your trump card to change the tide of battle!

Unique Skills

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Each character has their own “Unique Skill” to put the battles in your favour.


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Use “Guard” to reduce damage from enemy attacks…

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…and “Dodge” to evade attacks.

Characters such as Dai, Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel all have unique attacks, and below, you can see how they handle them, including skills and Coups de Grâce.


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Dai uses the Avan Style Sword Technique and cuts down enemies in close combat!

Skill: Wave Slash

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Coup de Grâce: Avan Strash

ISDQdai 230718 10

Unique Skill: Draconic Aura

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“Draconic Aura” significantly increases all of Dai’s stats!


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Popp excels at ranged magic attacks and is adept at Fire and Ice magic. His Coup de Grâce “Kafrizz” is immensely powerful.

Skill: Crackle

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Coup de Grâce: Kafrizz

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Unique Skill: Mediation

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Popp’s unique skill, Mediation, shortens the recovery time between his skills.

Maam (Warrior Priest)

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Maam is skilled at Heal Spells. Her Coup de Grâce lets her shoot enemies with bullets infused with the magic of Crackle!

Skill: Midheal

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Coup de Grâce: Magic Bullet: Crackle

ISDQdai 230718 18 pehpy7i1d

Unique Skill: Reload

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In addition to attacks with her hammer spear, she supports others with her Magic Bullet Gun. Remember to “Reload” the gun during battle!

Hyunckel (Dark Armour Blade)

ISDQdai 230718 19

Hyunckel is a master of Dark Aura. “Bloody Scryde” is his Coup de Grâce – he developed it during his days in the Dark Army!

Skills: Dark Puppetry Aura Hand

ISDQdai 230718 21

Coup de Grâce: Bloody Scryde

ISDQdai 230718 22 yc5pr485u

Unique Skill: Amdo

ISDQdai 230718 20

Hyunckel crushes enemies with his Avan Style Sword Technique and many Dark Aura skills. “Amdo” increases his defence further by wearing the Dark Armour Blade!

As you progress through the story, characters like Maam and Hyunckel change their battle styles, with Maam changing her vocation to Martial Artist and Hyunckel changing his weapon to the Dark Armour Spear. Maam can use the Warrior Mastery Style to launch Normal Attacks and skills before finishing enemies with Refractor Fist. These skills allow Maam to use her agility in close combat to overpower enemies. She can also use Focus to shorten recovery time and land consecutive attacks.

Hyunckle uses Avan Style Spear Technique with the Grand Cross Coup de Grâce to increase his life energy into Aura.

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai launches on September 28, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC.