infernax deux or die

Infernax Celebrates One Year With A New Character And Multiplayer Mode

Canadian-made crusade platformer Infernax is bloody good and just a downright bloody game, which is why I called it one of my favourite games of 2022. 

And Now, developer Berzerk Studio is celebrating one year of bashing demons with a mace with a… well, what else? A bash!

The free “Deux or Die” update delivers a new character in the form of the axe-throwing and laser magic-wielding Cervul the Squire, son of Harold, Unenthusiastic Heir to the Brown Mound. Cervul the Squire’s abilities to perform various attacks and buffs grant advantages to either or both players. Additionally, if you decide to go a different route, Cervul’s evil path focuses on dealing damage with an explosive style.

Infernax is also adding a fan-favourite gun mode, which maximizes maximum firepower against enemies. It is an homage to Contra and is unlocked through the classic Konami code, which allows up to two players to play together.

Naturally, adding a second-player character means that Infernax will support a two-player couch co-op.

“Deux or Die” is set to drop sometime this spring.