INDIKA, An Alternate History 19th Century Russian Setting Adventure Game Is Being Published By 11 bit Studios In 2024

Launching on PC, PS5 & Xbox Series next year

Former Russia-based developer Odd Meter’s next game, INDIKA, has been announced to be published by This War is Mine developer, 11-bit studios in 2024 for PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X|S. Similar to the company’s push from last year to donate its profits to those affected by Russia’s war with Ukraine, part of the game’s revenue will be donated to help children affected by the war.

INDIKA is described as a “mind-bending journey” played from the third person perspective in this upcoming adventure game that puts players into the shoes of the titular nun, Indika, following their expulsion from the church and decides to set out into the world. You can see that Odd Meter wears its criticism of the Russian Orthodox Church on its sleeve with this small taste of INDIKA’s narrative.

INDIKA is described as exploring “the duality of good and evil and the understanding that nothing is absolute.” The 2024 title is set to feature a combination of exploration and environmental puzzles with a touch of platforming while showcasing its themes of sin, sorrow, and moral dilemmas in this art-house film-feeling type of game.

The upcoming game is the studio’s second game following the debut release of its VR title, SACRALITH: The Archer`s Tale, in 2018. Now, a lot of time has passed since that release, and many things have changed as the developer is no longer doing what they love in creating games in their home country.

In response to Russia’s unprovoked attack leading to an invasion of Ukraine, alongside Russians on the hundreds of thousands – a majority of Odd Meter’s team fled the country to oppose the war, with a few select members staying for personal family reasons. The developer has now situated itself in Kazakhstan, creating INDIKA.

Looking back, studio founder Dmitry Svetlow says living in Russia at that time was like “living in some kind of nightmare,” and the Ukraine war “should have never happened.” The relationship between publisher and developer was already “long underway” even after Russia’s war with Ukraine, leading to a “difficult situation with a complicated path forward.”

“Even before our country started the war, we walked a fine line working with topics that can get someone criminal prosecution in Russia. After February 24th, things were even further complicated as staying in Russia became both physically scary and morally difficult, so we decided to leave for another country. Nowadays, it has become especially obvious how relevant the topics raised in our game are,”

Many problems of today’s Russia lie in the socio-political infantilism hammered into its citizens over the centuries: humility, obedience, and patience are the main virtues imposed by our orthodox culture. So it’s not surprising that institutions such as the Russian Orthodox Church have recently become one of the primary weapons of propaganda, calling on parishioners to die for their homeland and preaching a monstrous indifference to one’s own and other people’s lives.”

11-bit Studios product management lead Rufus Kubica adds, “Such a dehumanizing war shows our desire to see the world as a free, civilized place.” That showcase in Odd Meter’s approach in INDIKA will be revealed when the 19th-century alternative history adventure game launches on PC (Steam and GOG), PS5 and Xbox Series in 2024.