Lorelei and the Laser Eyes Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Everything Shown At Indie World Showcase For April 2024

Nintendo revealed a new episode of Indie World Showcase for today with around 20 minutes of reveals and announcements. While we didn’t know offhand what this showcase would include, the one major item on people’s minds is Hollow Knight: Silksong, the Team Cherry title that has been anticipated since 2019.

The last edition of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase took place in November, and some of the exciting announcements from that event included The Outer Wilds, Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, Blade Chimera, and Howl.

So, what did we see during today’s Indie World Showcase from Nintendo? Well, a lot of good stuff! We also got to see a bit of X and Y, but the show’s real star was X.

Little Kitty, Big City


Double Dagger Studio hits us with a little black cat game where you are a black cat navigating a handdrawn  Tokyo. Annoy humans the way a goose would and help your fellow animals as you find your way back home!

Little Kitty, Big City is out on May 9 for Nintendo Switch.

Yars Rising

Atari hits us with the most Atari-looking of platformers with Yars Rising. Take control of Emi Kimura, a blue-haired girl with a “don’t care” attitude, as she jumps and guns through a neo-soaked corporate world in a classic arcade-style adventure.

This is a reboot of Yars’ Revenge for the Atari 2600, handled by Shantae creator WayForward, and I want all of it!

More info on Yars Rising is coming soon!

Refined Self: The Personality Test Game

In this personality test/visual novel, you play as a yet-to-be-named android who must go on an adventure full of choices to learn about themself and their now-deceased creator.

It appears this is a story with multiple branching paths based on how you respond to your questions. This means it’s probably an experience you are going to want to play honestly and then a few more times making choices you otherwise wouldn’t

Refined Self: The Personality Test Game arrives this summer as a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

Sticky Business

“Etsy the game” peels itself from the PC and sticks onto the Nintendo Switch today. This is a well-liked, comfy core title where you run a sticker shop. Learn about your customers as you apply your unique style to cute stickers. The communities behind independent online creators inspired this game, and it’s full of charm and feel-good narratives.

Sticky Business and all of its DLC with new stickers, and ten new stories are available on Nintendo Switch today as a timed console exclusive.


Stop everything, it’s nearly hamertime!

We first heard about Antonblast when it smashed up the 2023 Guerrilla Collective Showcase last year, but we now have a PC and Nintendo Switch release date of November 12th, 2024!

Valley Peaks

This comfy core, first-person mountain climbing title popped up last year on Steam and has since been hanging around. Today, we learned that it will reach for the Nintendo eShop whenever a release date is announced.


Lykkegaard Europe launched this tight-knit little puzzle game on Apple Arcade last year. And in doing so, they won the Apple Design Awards 2023 Inclusivity Award. And now, it’s time to stitch things up on the Nintendo Switch.

Using a paint-by-numbers format, players are challenged to bring together increasingly complex loops that form entire cross stitch patterns.

Stich is pulled onto the Nintendo eShop later today.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate

2024 will be the year that gives us our first TMNT roguelike experience… I can’t believe I just wrote that! I’m kidding; it launched last year on Apple Arcade.

Super Evil Megacorp is responsible for a top-down experience where the turtles must make runs to strengthen to fend off The Foot Clan and save Master Splinter.

Today’s trailer shows off how each of the four brothers play differently with their iconic weapons and challenges you to put together your best run time after time.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate dimension hops onto the Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in July.


Another game from the 2023 Guerrilla Collective Showcase shows up with a planned Nintendo Switch release. Europa comes to us from the mind of Helder Pinto and tasks us with navigating the planet of Europa by Running, gliding and flying around a beautiful Ghibli-like world in search of the last human.

No release date has been set yet.

Cat Quest 3

This long-awaited cats-as-pirates adventure game showed us some gameplay late last year, and now we have a release date of August 8th, 2024. Oh, and to keep things on a purr-fect course, there will be a new demo in the eShop today!

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

Simogo, the developer of Sayonara Wild Hearts, is working with Annapurna Interactive on Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

An international auteur. What does he want? An aristocratic artist. Who killed her? A vagabond illusionist. Who is he?

And you, the wandering woman. Why are you here?

Watch carefully, observe. Numbers. Patterns. Puzzles. Are they all part of a macabre game, a complot, a simple treasure hunt?

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes launches May 16.

Steamworld Heist 2

Keeping the pirate theme alive, today’s show ended with a handful of looks at early development games followed by an unexpected follow-up to a much-loved RTS classic.

Steamworld Heist 2 puts tri-corn hats or robots and sends them to the seas to do naval battle Worms style.

Steam World Heist 2 is out for Nintendo Switch on August 8th, 2024.

Several titles also got release dates for Nintendo Switch, including:

  • Another Crab’s Treasure — April 25
  • Animal Well — May 9
  • Duck Detective: The Secret Salami — May 23
  • Schim — July 18
  • Bzzzt — Summer 2024