[Indie Reviews] Mount Your Friends,ApocZ, Red Robot Revenge

Written By: Kyle Youldon

While looking for new games to play, I decided to take a gander in the Indie games section of the Xbox Live Marketplace (XBL). Now, if you’re not familiar with the Indie section of the Xbox Live Marketplace there’s some info. Most Indie games on the XBL cost around $1 and are uploaded by independent game developers. While sifting through the Flappy Bird and Minecraft clones, I came across a few games that looked fun and enjoyable. While playing I thought I should review them to shed some light on the games that maybe aren’t very well known. The games I’m reviewing are Mount Your Friends, ApocZ, and Red Robot Revenge.


Mount Your Friends :
Mount Your Friends is a multiplayer party game from the team at Stegersaurus. It started out on the Xbox 360, but recently it has been brought to Steam. The point of this game is to try and stack men into a tower, and if you don’t make it to the top in the time limit, you are out. This physics based game features frustratingly difficult controls that any fan of QWOP is sure to love. There is lots of stuff to do in Mount Your Friends such as Challenges, 1v1 Matches, Tournament Modes as well as playing online. In challenges you can choose from Basic Climb which is making a tower of men until time runs out, to “ManCraft” where you can freely stack men to your heart’s content. The game is really fun, especially with friends. I played the game with a couple friends, and there were lots of laughs going around, everyone had fun and loved the game. Be careful who you play the game with though, because of the subject matter, it may be awkward depending on who you play with. The difficulty in the game, isn’t the type of difficulty that makes your throw your controller, it’s the type that makes you laugh.

Are you frustrated because you wanted to play DayZ, but all you have is an Xbox? Well then, look no further! Developer SickKreations has created a perfect DayZ clone called ApocZ. Taking place in a 4 square mile that is part of the Ukraine, close to the Black Sea. ApocZ is full of survival and zombie slaying fun. For a $1 indie game, ApocZ is amazing. The graphics are quite nice, the day-to-night transitions are seamless, and the water physics are almost perfect. One problem with the graphics is the zombie’s blood. When you hit a zombie it drops dead, and blood spurts out. The problem is that the blood is quite pixilated and blocky. Another thing I really liked about this game is a feature I haven’t seen in too many games, and that is that you can switch from 1st to 3rd person with the click of a button. More pros of the game are that it’s really fun to play. I have probably spent more time playing this $1 than a full $60 game. The driving mechanics are surprisingly really good. The one issue of driving is, to get into a car, you have to open up a menu with the up on the D-pad, and then press X to enter the car. It makes it that much easier for zombies to get you. The online features of the game are very enjoyable as well. While playing with friends, you mostly forget about zombies, and start killing each other so that you can loot your friends stuff. This brings back the truth that if a zombie apocalypse ever happened, humans would be your scariest foe. Some things I wasn’t too fond of in the game were the glitches. A lot of the times when you killed a zombie, it would fall to the ground do either of the following things: A. start falling through the ground, B. start flopping around like a fish out of water, or C. start experiencing zero gravity and begin to float up. There are a lot of zombies, which can either be a pro or a con depending on who you are. You can’t enter buildings which bothered me, because it would be a lot more fun scavenging for items inside a house rather than in a preset location. But other than those cons, ApocZ is really good and I will continue to play it.

Red Robot Revenge:
The third and final indie game I decided to buy and play is Red Robot Revenge. This game really looked good to me before I bought it. After? My opinion changed a little. Red Robot Revenge came out a couple weeks ago on the XBL Indie section of the Marketplace. In this stunning platformer you play as the “Red Robot” as he is on a daring quest to avenge his fallen robot girlfriend. Your goal is to try to reach the end of the level, trying to avoid obstacles such as spikes, blades, cannons and many others! There are 90 distinct levels spanning over 3 unique worlds. This game was fun, key word being fun. At first I was having a lot of fun with the wall jumping, and the dodging of the obstacles, but unfortunately with games like this, it started to get repetitive. I got to about level 20 before it started getting too hard, but soon it was getting ridiculously difficult. Before long, the difficulty started sucking the fun out of it. Don’t worry though; there are some things that are good about the game as well. The game looks really nice, the contrast of the colors in some levels are really captivating. The sound is nice, a good soundtrack to play along to.

In conclusion, there are actually some good games in the Indie section of the XBL marketplace. Out of the three games I reviewed, I recommend ApocZ, but check out Mount your Friends as it’s a great game for parties. All three games are on the Xbox Live Marketplace with the price tag at $1 and take up less than a gigabyte of space.


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