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INDIE Live Expo Summer Spotlight Shows Off Over 50 Games

INDIE Live Expo has been unmatched at showing off all the indies you need to keep your eyes on since its launch in 2020.

So it’s no surprise that this year’s Summer Spotlight showed off more than 50 titles coming soon. 

But the fun is still ongoing! You can currently participate in the INDIE Live Expo Steam Event, which has sales on games shown at this summer’s event until following Monday and deals on the more than 400 titles demonstrated over the past three years.

Now, you’re wrong if you think the team behind the showcase will break out the chips and pop and spend the rest of the summer playing games. They will bring the INDIE Live Expo Awards back for another year and a Winter 2023 Showcase, which will have open submissions soon for those who want their game to appear during the event.

“Indie developers continue to amaze us with their creativity, and it was a blast taking a closer look at them to appreciate the depths of their creations fully,” says Ryuta Konuma, founder of organizer Ryu’s Office. “We are very thankful for our viewers and our media partners, and we extend a special thanks to our INDIE Live Expo team for making this summer showcase possible. We can’t wait to see this winter’s submissions; see you again soon.”