Indie Live Expo 2023

INDIE Live Expo 2023 to Unveil 300+ Titles, Content Schedule Revealed

INDIE Live Expo is preparing for the summer half of its year expos, and things are about to get hot!

The upcoming Summer 2023 Showcase content schedule will show off more than 300 indie games in a two-day indie extravaganza taking place on Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21, 2023.

“Day 1” will showcase brand new, never-before-seen titles as well as unrevealed DLC, news and updates for known indie games. 

Summer-themed “INDIE Waves” returns, packing deep and engaging looks into new games and content in short, easy-to-consume segments.

“Around the World” takes fans… well, around the world, exposing them to games outside of Japan.

“Day 2” will serve as “The Aftershow.” Catch longer “let’s play” with influencers and devs.  

“There were so many entries this year, we were honoured that so many indies wanted to participate,” says Ryuta Konuma, Founder of Ryu’s Office. “We are constantly looking for new ways to shine a bigger, brighter spotlight on indie games, and we can’t wait for everyone to take a close look at all of this year’s entries into the show.”