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Indie Live Expo Breaks An Attendance Record And Announces 2023 Summer Showcase

The appetite for indie games is greater than ever. 

INDIE Live Expo has shared that its Live Expo Winter 2022, which featured more than 290 global indie titles, amassed 16.32 million viewers.

The biannual show, now in its third year, has totalled 70 million viewers while showcasing more than 1800 indie titles.

The Summer Showcase will return on Saturday, May 20, and Sunday, May 21, 2023. Bilingual host “J-mon” will make his return as host. And the showcase will welcome several Korean developers this go around as a new region of focus. 

As of 2021, Korea has a population of 51.74 million people. And with gaming growing as a hobby as more people find free time, there’s got to be some viewers for further viewing expansion.