Indiana Jones and The Great Circle

Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Revealed During Xbox Developer Direct

Indie Is Back In 2024

The highly anticipated Indiana Jones game from MachineGames, developers of Wolfenstein, received its first official unveiling during today’s Xbox Developer Direct. The new title, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle closed the showcase with additional details, including a 2024 release window.

Punch Nazis as Indiana Jones

Our first look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle reveals the upcoming title is first-person, and there will be tons of fist fights, whip cracks, gunshots, and puzzle-solving across a litany of environments, including tombs, snowy mountain tops, and jungles. Did I mention you can punch Nazis?

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The camera snaps to the third-person during specific segments, like climbing sections or swinging across gaps with the whip. Plenty of puzzle-solving was also shown off as the developers spoke about using Indiana’s brains to solve puzzles and combat encounters.

“There are a lot of Indiana Jones fans at MachineGames. Most of us grew up with Indy and fell in love with the movies and the character when we were young. We’ve just got these ties to the character that go back decades,” says Game Director Jerk Gustafsson. “But even if you didn’t grow up with Indiana Jones, you know Indiana Jones. He’s a relatable type of hero and a true adventurer. That’s a legacy we want to share and be part of, and we want to build something interesting and genuine.”

We also got confirmation that the story will be set in 1937, between the events of Raiders of the Last Ark and the Last Crusade. Troy Baker voices Indiana Jones and uses Harrison Ford’s likeness. We were also introduced to Gina, an investigative reporter who will join Indie on the adventure, and villain Emmerich Ross, who promises to rival Indiana’s wits and intelligence. No release date was given, but a launch window 2024 closed out the trailer.

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MachineGames revealed they were working on Indiana Jones in 2021 but remained silent on the project until today. Todd Howard is producing with help from Lucasfilm Games.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle launches in 2024 on Xbox Series and PC, and day one on Xbox Game Pass.