Imposter Factory

Imposter Factory Is Out Today, Go Get It

I’ve gushed time and time again over the work Freebird Games does. To the Moon is such a beautiful game that I’ve gifted it a few times to friends in the hopes that they’d play it and tell me how impactful it was. I’m 2 for 2 on that front and I’m looking forward to seeing how Imposter Factory turns out, which has hit Steam today!

Impostor Factory is considered the third game from the To the Moon series, beginning in 2011, before moving to the sequel Finding Paradise, and now with the third entry. According to the director, Kan Gao, “Maybe it’s a sequel. Maybe it’s a prequel. Maybe it’s both. But again, there is no prerequisite to playing Impostor Factory.”

For those jumping in today, the game is currently celebrating with a launch discount, bringing the game down to $10.34 CAD. Both To the Moon and Finding Paradise are also on sale for half off until October 9, 2021, so go ahead and grab those, you won’t regret it.

Furthermore, today’s launch includes the Alternate Universe Playbook, a neat designed to help fans of Freebird Games and To the Moon creates stories within the universe. you’ll find ‘intuitive interface and portraits from the games provided.’ The studio is promising to add more as they can.