immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum Shows Off Four More Minutes of Gameplay in Unpacked Trailer

As we make our way through the Summer game release season, Immortals of Aveum‘s publisher, EA and developer, Ascendant Studios, has released a four-minute Unpacked trailer that shows off more gameplay and details of its upcoming first-person magic shooter, including an overview of the game’s story, your abilities, customization on how players want to play, and much more.

Kicking it off, we get a run-down of the setting in Aveum, a world full of magic that uses the power to help with everyday use and, most notably – war as Aveum’s five countries fight for control over magic which has been ongoing for thousands of years. Players will be inserted into the shoes of Immortals of Aveum‘s protagonist Jak, a Triarch who is a scarce breed of spellcasters who has the unique ability to control all three primary colours of magic and teams up with Lucium’s elite battle mage team known as the Order of  Immortals to protect magic and stop the tyrant, Sandrakk, from plunging Aveum into oblivion.

In Immortals of Aveum, Jak augments his power through his sigil, a device attached to his dominant arm to help efficiently channel your magic, letting you use more effective and deadly magic in combat while allowing you to switch between each charm pretty easily. The first magic, Red Sigils, focuses more on close combat and explosive magic, leading to some not-so-surprising effects. Up next is on the opposite side, blue sigils, which has more of a focus on long distance and precision thanks to its bolt spells. Lastly is green sigils which let you use rapid-fire magic projectiles at enemies and enable faster maneuvers.

Those are just the basics, as each magic has more cost-heavy robust usability for each coloured magic known as Furry Spells, Augments Spells, and Control Spells, which drain your mana bar in combat. These expanded abilities can help you use more powerful attacks, solve puzzles, and assist you with enemies.

Jak can also combine red, blue, and green magic into one attack known as Immolate, which charges over time, but when successful, you can unleash a beam of destructive magic to take out any enemies in your path. Players can adjust Jak to meet their play style by customizing their character’s spellcasting with 25 unique Spells, over 80 Talents, and hundreds of pieces of magical gear.

Immortals of Aveum is a part of the EA Originals program and is set to launch on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and EA App), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on August 22nd. The game was initially scheduled to release later this month on July 20th but was delayed by a month, thanks in part to feedback. Ascendant Studios founder Bret Robbins says the extra time will help realize the Immortals of Aveum ‘s full vision by polishing the game more while optimizing the game on the platforms.