Immortality PS5

Immortality Comes To PlayStation 5 This Month

Half Mermaid Productions is bringing Immortality to the PS5 later in January.

Half Mermaid Productions is bringing Immortality to the PlayStation 5 later this month. The interactive movie trilogy was previously launched for the Xbox Series, PC, and mobile in August 2022.

Immortality hits PlayStation 5 this month

“From the inception of this project, the goal has been sharing Marissa Marcel’s life and work with as large an audience as possible,” said IMMORTALITY director Sam Barlow in a press release. “So I am thrilled to bring IMMORTALITY to PlayStation gamers and bring them face to face with a lost legend.”

Players will experience the life of Marissa Marcel throughout the decades. We’ll see her life in 1968 as she stars in Ambrosio, an adaptation of M. G. Lewis’s notorious Gothic novel The Monk. Marissa Marcel stars as the infamous Matilda.

Later, we’ll see Marissa star in Minsky. Set in New York City, the film focuses on the death of a famous artist, with Marissa starring as the muse who is accused of murdering the artist.

We then head to 1999, where director John Durick casts Marissa after she returns from a hiatus. Starring in Two of Everything, a subversive thriller, we’ll explore the duality of a pop star and her double.

All of the films listed above were never released and are considered lost or destroyed.