Ikumi Nakamura Wants More Okami

After leaving Tango Gameworks earlier this year, developer Ikumi Nakamura has been travelling the globe, talking to other studios and generally being awesome. Her E3 appearance is easily the highlight of the show this year and it is nice to see her doing what she loves.

A new tweet from her account has inspired a ton of hope today, with Nakamura standing with Hideki Kamiya at PlatinumGames, and basically having the director of the original say that “Okami is going to be back.” She looks at him and goes, “Really?” before Kamiay nods back to her.


While this is in no way official confirmation, the thought of a new Okami title alone is reason enough to smile and think back to the original. It has been 13 years since the original, so it would be nice to get a new game in the series.


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