IKEA and ROG Collaborate on Furniture

IKEA considers themselves as being Grandmaster rank when it comes to creative home furnishings, but they consider themselves N00bs when it comes to gaming. So that’s why they tapped in the gaming gurus at Republic of Gamers (ROG) to create products neither group could on their own. We all love a co-op effort as gamers, don’t we? Giving each other a hand when we’re stuck is what it’s all about. Speaking of giving a hand, check out the LÅNESPELARE — a literal hand for your peripherals!



The MVP of the lineup appears to be the UPPSPEL, A versatile, power height-adjustable desk that comes in two surface sizes.

ASUS ROG Designer Johnny Chan says that the UPPSPEL designs “tighten the relationship between gamers, gaming gear and gaming space.” Ideally, you’ll use a few of these products in harmony to achieve gaming space nirvana. The UPPSPEL features a large back cutout for cable management.


The UPPSPEL pegboard is an innovation for gamers that is unlike any I’ve seen before… well aside from in my step-father’s toolshed. You can put up as many boards as you need and then hang things like extra keyboards and controllers.

IKEA Designer John Karlsson says that “One of our starting points has been to ensure a simple, graphic design that will last… You should be able to sit here and work during the day and then transform it into your battle station at night. It should stand the test of time.” Karlsson’s statement is certainly one that so many of us have come to appreciate over the last 19 months.



Some of the best smaller knick-knacks are the LÅNESPELARE ring light/phone holder and the LÅNESPELARE mouse bungee.


The earlier is is a $30 ring light that allows you to position your phone for easy reading while warm light from the halo will make sure you look supreme on your next stream.


The Later LÅNESPELARE is one of the only things I’ve ever wanted for my gaming desk: a cord caddy that keeps your mouse, keyboard or headphone cord organized and untangled. I’m going to need to get a few of these right away.

Well, not right away because the IKEA gaming collection is available now in Canadian stores and online.