IGN Acquires Humble Bundle


Media giant IGN has announced the purchase of Humble Bundle, a company known for selling bundles of indie titles in attractive pay-what-you-want prices, and while there are no details on the purchase of the company, it is now a done deal.

IGN plans on supporting Humble Bundle and according to Gamasutra, will do it on “terms of accelerating growth and raising more money for charity.”

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” said Mitch Galbraith, who explained that IGN started looking to make a deal like this nearly a year ago. “The idea is just to feed them with the resources they need to keep doing what they’re doing.”

“We want to stick to the fundamentals in the short term. We don’t want to disrupt anything we’re doing right already,” added John Graham. “Because of the shared vision and overlap of our customer bases, there’s going to be a lot of opportunities.”

I don’t expect to see anything done to the website for the foreseeable future. It works as it is, and drives traffic to the website daily, going forward, with IGN at the helm, we could very well see even better bundles for charity, this is a good opportunity to take advantage of for both parties.