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If You Missed The Call Of Duty Escape Room, You’re In Luck

Last week, Activision decided to host an event in Toronto. If you were able to make it out, you could partake in an official “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Escape Room,” where 16 players split into 4 teams. Together, teams explored multiple rooms featuring puzzles, with one team getting to the Blackout Room.

Steve stopped by and had a blast, and the event took place over launch weekend.

This weekend, the experience is returning, only this time, to Montreal!

If you’re in the city, you should stop by – there is a ton of positive buzz about the event and I’ve yet to hear someone not enjoy it. You have three days starting on Friday, October 19 from 1 PM through 7 PM, Saturday, October 20 from 1 PM through 7 PM, and Sunday, October 21, from 1 PM through 7 PM.

The address is:

3455 Boul St-Laurent

Montreal, QC H2X 2T6, Canada