Hyper Scape
Chase that Crown to win!

Hyper Scape Launches August 11

Ubisoft announced that Hyper Scape will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 11 with its Season One: “The First Principle”.

Since launching in open beta on July 12, the game has been only played on PC but the full launch next month adds Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to the mix. Cross progression will be supported, so your cosmetics come with you if you decide to move platforms.

The first season introduces a new mid-range weapon, the Dragonfly and also a new hack, the Magnet, which can trap opponents. In total, season one includes 11 guns and 11 hacks. In addition to Solo and Squad Crown Rush, additional limited-time game modes are also planned for season one.

Season one also includes narrative threads and pushes the mystery of Prisma Dimensions. Memory Shards are strewn about and players can collect to discover more about certain characters and events. Every week, a new Memory Shard will be hidden in the game world, for players to find and collect. In addition to Memory Shards, comics will be released during Season One and following Seasons, building Hyper Scape’s story.

In my preview of Hyper Scape, I noted that the gameplay was fun but Ubisoft needs to support the game and improve on the base to keep up with other battle royale games. Playing Hyper Scape is a ton of fun but it lacks some polish but can become something great.

The Hyper Scape Open Beta, currently live on PC only, will end on August 2.