NHL 24 Big Save

Hybrid Controls Added NHL 24 In First Big Patch Since Release

One of the first big updates for this year's game

Hockey fans, get ready for some on and off ice tweaks to this year’s big sports title. EA Sports has released a big patch for NHL 24 that is addressing community concerns like stick lifts, hybrid controls, and a slew of other big fixes.

One of the most requested features is back with Hybrid Controls. This has been a staple in many of the NHL games over the last several years, allowing players to use mostly the face buttons on the right side of the controller to shoot and pass. This style is now live for both skaters and goalies.

The team also points out that these changes will lead to some more system tweaks and updates in early November with more patches.

The development team also points out, “additional highly-requested changes such as adjustments to the lacrosse move, unintentional push checks in front of the net when attempting a one-timer, goalie tuning, and more.”

Here are some of NHL 24’s Patch 1.1.1 highlights:

  • An Update to Hybrid Controls: Hybrid controls have been re-introduced as an option in the Control Settings menu
  • An Update to Goalie Controls: A new tether control system with ON/OFF/HYBRID settings to cater to a variety of playstyles
  • Adjustments to the Goalie Fatigue System: Adjustments have been made to the way goalies recover from Desperation Dives, allowing for quicker recoveries.
  • A Stick Lift Update: Stick Lift targeting has been updated to target a lower location on the opposing player’s stick, which reduces the chances of taking a penalty.
  • General Bug Fixes: The community has helped identify some core bugs that impact the gameplay experience, including Vision Passing icons and a rare bug which could lead to a User Goalie spinning on the spot when moving and more.

A full patch breakdown can be found on the EA Sports NHL 24 website.