Hunt the Night

Hunt the Night Launches Overworld Trailer

Dangen Entertainment and Moonlight Games are working on the upcoming action RPG Hunt the Night and have released a new trailer.

In the trailer ‘Overworld and Dungeon,”  the video offers a modest tease of what Hunt the Night looks and feels like. The overworld in particular opens up once you hit a certain level in-game and then as Vesper, have the freedom to explore and battle monsters, find loot throughout the world and explore the world of Medhram.

Further into the trailer for Hunt the Night, the developers walk us through one of the first dungeons you’ll come across. Exploring Barkley Sanitarium leaves Vesper in a lurch but she can handle as she battles her way through the halls, solving puzzles, and collecting loot to reach the exit. Vesper also has both short and long-range weapons at her disposal.

Hunt the Night arrives first on PC first on April 13, followed by PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch in the future.