Humble Bundle

Humble Choice for August Now Live, Includes Disco Elysium: The Final Cut And Chivalry 2

Humble’s choice for August games is bringing gaming heat to the late summer, and it’s doing so to protect natural resources.

Humble Choice August features great narrative adventures like Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, slashers like Canadian-made Chivalry 2, and games that combine the two, like Trek to Yomi.

This month, five percent of every Choice membership will help support Trees, Water & People, an organization that empowers communities worldwide to protect, conserve and manage their natural resources. Watch the video above to learn more about Humble’s partnership with them.

In our reviews of Disco Elysium, Bobby said, “Disco Elysium: The Final Cut was worth the wait and easily one of the best narratives I’ve experienced in ages. While there is no combat, enough inner turmoil makes each conversation a battle. Each character you encounter is exciting, and going back and talking to each of them over and over is memorable and recommended to get a better understanding of things. I’m excited to start another playthrough and see what I missed the first time. There are so many choices to consider, new branches to discover and that right there is exciting enough for me to dive back in.”

Meanwhile, Bobby said, “Chivalry 2 is a stellar follow-up to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. With more people, the objectives are more fun, the gameplay is finely tuned, and death is but a flesh wound. The maps included look great; there’s always something to do. All of the weapons are inherently fun to use, whether you’re swinging a sword or axe, and combat is simple enough to pick up but requires some skill to master. Finding a worthy opponent in battle and charging them are some of the most exhilarating moments you’ll have playing Chivalry 2, and there is a bright future ahead for those who stick around.”