Baldur's Gate Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Launches RPG Legends: Baldur’s Gate & Beyond To Get Us Ready For Baldur’s Gate 3

Larian Studios’ attempt at creating a Baldur’s Gate game is due out next month, so the fine folks at Humble are making sure we are ready with a Humble Bundle full of high-fantasy action.

RPG Legends: Baldur’s Gate & Beyond is available until August 16th.

While the bundle mainly comprises the early BioWare Baldur’s Gate content, the package also adds the fantastic D&D-adjacent Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and a few other classics that it inspired. 

Each purchase will support Active Minds, a U.S. mental health organization started by a sister after her older brother died by suicide. For the past 19 years, Active Minds has been starting conversations about mental health and support for managing it in their school chapters. They claim to help 15,000 young adults each year.

In addition to this treasure trove of timeless RPGs, a $30+ purchase includes a preorder of MythForce, Canadian developer Beamdog’s first-person ode to Saturday morning cartoons