Humankind Comes To Consoles

Paris’s Amplitude Studios hit us with a one-two-three punch at this afternoon’s Summer Game Fest.

Their PC cult-classic turn-based strategy game Humankind is coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles on November 4, 2022.

The studio and developer Sega are partnering with Aspyr Media for the porting process.

“As big fans of Humankind, we’re ecstatic to partner with Sega and Amplitude to bring this amazing game to new audiences,” says Aspyr Media’s Senior Director of Business Development, Michael Blair.  With our history in this space, we know that we’ll be able to deliver a deep strategy experience that really shines on consoles.”

PC players can take a trip today to Latin America for just $10 with the new Cultures of Latian America DLC out now.

Featured are six new Cultures: Caralans, Nazca, Taino, Inca, Argentinians and Cubans. There are also six new Wonders: Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Maracana Stadium, Salar de Uyuni, Salto Angel, Lencois Maranhenses and the Atacama Desert.

With nine new Independent Peoples and 15 Narrative events, you won’t be growing bored of Latian America anytime soon!

PC players are also extra-spoiled because of a major game update bringing a handful of community-requested features and changes including a reworked surrender system, rebalanced war support modifiers and more!