Humanity Launches May 16, Coming to PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue

The publisher has revealed that Enhanced developed Humanity will launch on May 16.

Additionally, it’ll be available on Day 1 as part of the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog’s May lineup, available at no additional cost to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members.

Enhance filmed a trailer that feels at home on the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 eras to celebrate the launch date. Humanity’s trailer feels like it was ripped from a bygone era when commercials were fun and not meant to be taken seriously.

“We’ve been incredibly flattered to hear Humanity compared to classics of this era like Intelligent Cube, Echochrome, and Devil Dice (among others), even Katamari Damacy and Parappa the Rapper – all fresh and unique designer-led games out of Japan that broke new ground and did it with style,” says Mark MacDonald, EP at Enhanced. “And whether you’ve played those titles or not, or were even gaming back then, we hope you’ll enjoy that same spirit in Humanity: stylish and different, but with a deeply satisfying experience at the core.”

In Humanity, you control a Shiba Inu, who can place commands that the horde of incoming humans will then follow. You can make them jump, turn, float, swim, climb, and more with the idea of reaching their goals in each stage. The more you play Humanity, the more mechanics are introduced with further challenges to keep you busy.

On the PlayStation Blog, MacDonald reveals why the team at Enhance chose Shiba Inu as a protagonist. As it turns out, the answer is that dogs and humans working together make sense, and the connection ‘just felt natural.”  The dog also doesn’t have a name, as it is you, after waking up with no memory of what happened before.

On why Humanity is coming to PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue on day one, the decision was made to get the 90-plus stages in front of as many players as possible, as it guarantees an audience for the user-generated content that will be created and shared.