Humanity Launches First Community Newsletter, Celebrating Over 5,000 Stages Shared By The Community

Today, Enhance shares its first Humanitythemed newsletter, Community News Vol. 1.

The big news is that the dev team is celebrating creativity and sharing, as over 5,000 stages have been created and shared by the Humanity community.

How do you play all this fantastic content? Well, from the title screen, go to USER STAGES.

You’ll find the dev-curated STAGES WE LOVE playlist, updated twice weekly with a hand-selected batch of levels to invigorate your puzzle-solving skills.

If you want to try for a 99 Player Level faster, you will want to participate in THE DAILY FIVE, which is what it sounds like- a daily playlist of five dev-certified community-made levels.

Speaking of making the 99 Player Level, Enhance is celebrating the first player to reach that milestone! They would like to congratulate Knighting on their truly inspiring feat of 4,131 user stages played, 2,447 stages with all Goldy collected: Over 500 hours played and 400,000 XP gained for max level.

With numbers like that, it’s safe to say; knighting has developed some favourite stages, so be sure to check out the newsletter for yourself, as those are listed there. 

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