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How Gaming Has Improved Over The Years

It’s clear to see that video games have certainly progressed incredibly since their introduction in the form of Pong in 1958, a form of tennis, where you hit a moving dot back and forth on a small screen. So what progress has gaming made since its introduction not so long ago?

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Games With Open World Maps

One of the main advancements in video games is the current rise in gaming where open world maps have become increasingly vast, with players having so much more gameplay available to them. Open world maps have been around for a while, but within the era of Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim, the experience of gaming has taken on a whole new level.

Gamers can now decide where they want to go within the world, allowing more freedom in choosing what missions that do and in which order they choose to do them. There’s so much more creativity and adventure available as a result of these gigantic maps. We can only imagine just how much time and effort it’s taken for these developers to create such intrinsically detailed designs, but we love them for it.

Development In Stories

Story development has taken a precedent too which probably goes hand in hand with the open world maps. Even though the game is made up of tasks and missions, developers have created complex stories to weave in between, to allow gamers to become more attached to the game, especially if these stories are relatable to modern day living. They almost play out like movies with all of the action sequences and dramatic moments involved.

Many gamers now expect a lot from a game, with the story playing a very important role in their reviews. If a game has a bad storyline, it can deter people from buying it, no matter how good the graphics are.

Social Culture

There has certainly been a rise in the social culture of gaming. What was once considered as a solo experience, it has now become more sociable, especially with group play options. Esports is one realm of gaming that has become incredibly popular and has allowed gamers to transform their hobby into a full-time career. Thanks to headphones and advancements in the consoles, players can interact with one another and create friendships. YouTube has only helped rocket this social culture, as many players have accounts with millions of subscribers who merely watch the individual the game. There’s also plenty of helpful guides, like this drift hunters one, that are online for gamers to share tips and solutions to parts of a game.

You can now even go to events, taking place in huge venues, where gamers compete against one another for cash prizes. Esports is even referred to as a professional sport because it has its own leagues and even commentators, which you’d expect to hear in a football match. These events take place all over the world, so gaming really has connected with a lot of people across the globe.

More Diversity And Representation

With such a huge influence, it’s only right that the characters in games are more diverse and represent our society more accurately. With an audience from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and age ranges, these games are starting to explore different identities through sexuality and gender. They’re using the characters to give these individuals a voice and more opportunities for minorities to see them represented as main characters in the game. The Last Of Us is a good example of how they’re representing the LGBT community through their character choice.

It’s great to see that developers of the game are aware of what’s currently being fought for across the globe, instead of just ignoring it. This is probably what attracted more diverse gamers in the first place, and we all fantasize about saving the world, right? Let’s hope that the developers continue to change with the times.

The Graphics

Who can deny the biggest advancement in video games, the graphics! It’s unbelievable just how much the graphics have advanced, especially when you dig out the older versions of Grand Theft Auto or Call Of Duty. You can see that with the use of CGI and developments with software, the quality of the gaming experience has improved dramatically. Games are now even using actors to perform live-action sequences to use in the game.

As someone who grew up with the first PlayStation, video games have really shown how far we’ve come when it comes to technology today. But what does the future hold? With virtual reality (VR) becoming increasingly popular, who knows what gaming will be like in the next ten years.