How Does Gaming Help To Sharpen The Mind?

There are many benefits which are associated with playing computer games. However, a lot of parents fail to realize this. They see their children shooting enemies and setting up traps, and they automatically assume that this is creating negative qualities that are related to violence and too much time sitting down staring at a computer screen. Whilst too much gaming can obviously be bad, there are many positives that are associated with a healthy dosage of online games. One of the most crucial benefits is how they can help to sharpen a child’s mind. Read on to discover how this is the case…

Children become better prepared for tests and exams by enhancing their memory skills

Computer games are great for children when it comes to increasing their capacity to memorize things. A lot of online games nowadays require children to remember where certain objects were, or what they looked like, in order to complete the game. Moreover, most games come with a ‘save game’ feature, so when a child’s playing time is up they can save the game and then go back to playing it a few days later. This also enhances their memory because they will need to remember where in the game they were. This is a very important quality because memorization is a key skill in life which is needed in order to pass exams at school and alike.

Children learn how to think strategically in order to form successful solutions 

Games all start with a beginning challenge and children have to foresee the end picture in order to successfully devise a plan. This problem-solving and strategic thinking is something that will aid them very well in later life. You also have various add-ons and power-ups, which can enhance the gaming experience and encourage decision-making and strategical thinking. You can even get gaming energy drinks to sharpen the focus; for older kids and adults only, of course.

Children learn how to think on their feet and make quick decisions

Most games either have time limits or require your child to make a quick decision so that they are not defeated by any of the baddies in the game. The more and more games that your child plays, the better they will become at making fast and effective decisions. This is again an important quality which will help them in school. After all, when they are taking examinations or doing their work in class they only have a set period of time in order to answer the questions. Therefore, via developing quick thinking and time management skills from an early age they will be better equipped for this.

What are some good gaming options for young children?

There are so many different games available for the computer nowadays. This is great in one respect because it means that there is a huge selection and thus you are bound to find something which your son or daughter will love. Nevertheless, it can often make it much more difficult when it comes to making a final decision regarding which game to purchase. Here are some good games for young children:

Tom and Jerry games

Who doesn’t love Tom and Jerry? The concept of catching the mouse, or running away from the cat is something that works really well on computer games.

Memory games

There are lots of games which require children to match certain cards together and alike. Games like this are extremely simple yet they tend to be the ones which provide the most entertainment. Moreover, practising memorising things is something which proves to be very beneficial.

The Powerpuff Girls Games

The Powerpuff Girls has to be one of the most successful cartoon shows ever. The reason it works so well is because it keeps the cute and pretty element which little girls love. However, it also adds the superpowers and the action element which is so often associated with boys’ games and television shows.

Ben 10 online games

Ben 10 is one of the most popular cartoon characters on television at the moment. Ben 10 online games are a great gift idea if you are buying for your son as you know this is something which they are assured to like. Moreover, Ben 10 possesses a message which is very positive. Ben 10 is just a young boy and he overcomes many challenges that come is way – it shows children that you can do anything if you put your mind to it; no matter how big or small you are.

Cartoon action games

Cartoon action games are great because they allow children to shoot aliens, jump on space ships, and so on and so forth. Yet, because they are simply cartoons they do not have that violent element which is associated with more advanced games.

Mystery games

Games which contain an air of mystery are highly beneficial. This is usually found within adventure games, hence why they are very popular amongst young children. There could be mystery in the form of levels unlocked, new powers achieved, and so on and so forth. The reason these work so well is because they ensure that the intrigue and entertainment never ends.

Cartoon quizzes

Children love cartoon quizzes because they like to see how much they know about their favourite shows and characters. Moreover, these games are good because they get them used to the test and quiz format.

Dress up games

Dress up games are very popular amongst young girls. They love the chance to let their creative side out and to pick different outfits for different cartoon characters. You never know; you may have a little fashionista in your midst!

If you buy one of these games for your children then they are assured to put a smile on their face whilst also possessing a few other advantages as well, such as educational benefits.