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How Does A Feudal Japan Sound For Far Cry 6?

With the success of the recent release of Far Cry 5, we always tend to immediately think about what location the next installment will take place in. Here are some of my ideas on a possible location and history timeline that I would like to see in the next Far Cry installment:


 Japan – End of the Tokugawa Shogunate

The end of the Tokugawa shogunate period saw the end of the shōgun rulers, who were essentially military dictators and maintained absolute power over their subordinates in a feudal Japan. The transition into the Meiji period occurred as a result of the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate and brought in a period of social and economic change and overall national growth. That being said, this is a period that is waiting to be explored in much greater detail within the video game industry. Ubisoft and the Far Cry franchise has a lot of information at their disposal to bring about the isolated feudal Japan to life as you play one of the samurai warriors who is undergoing this change to modernization. A conscription law was created to restoring social control and stability by placing the samurai class back into their role as warriors. However, this was an immediate drastic change for the samurai’s way of life which resulted in open rebellion towards Western culture as they remained true to the earlier way of life present during the Tokugawa period.

The main character could also be a samurai of a master who has been killed in one of these open rebellions resulting in him becoming a rōnin alongside other fellow samurai. They would then travel across specific regions of Japan to uncover the secrets that modernization has in store for their country and how they will undoubtedly fail. Armed with a katana, spear, bow, and acquiring rifles, pistols, and gunpowder from the fallen modernized soldiers who are slowly infiltrating the land that they hold dear.

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A combat system for swordplay would have to be established to increase the overall immersive presence when dealing with such a period and I do not think achieving this would be too much difficulty for Ubisoft.

This visually stunning historical period would be fully captured and presented to player in a way that all Far Cry fans would love. The lush forested landscapes, villages and the easily identifiable architecture of the period would populate the map for players to enjoy. The iconic samurai armour would be something to marvel at when encountering on the battlefield. A lot of imagery can be associated with the movie The Last Samurai, just kindly remove Tom Cruise from the equation.

There are too many possible storylines and missions to write about and so I will leave it up to your imagination. Fishing and hunting would easily be implemented in this region and I would even like to see the inclusion of bounty missions where you must infiltrate heavily defended areas and kill an officer of the enemy forces.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of my ideas for the future of the Far Cry franchise as I am always eagerly awaiting their next release.

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