Housemarque Licenses Unreal Engine 4

Housemarque, the studio behind some of the more intense twin-stick shooters in recent memory, have licensed Unreal Engine 4 for an upcoming, soon-to-be-announced title.

The veteran studio of over 20 years has so far built their own game engines technology to create games like Super Stardust HD, Resogun, and most recently, Nex Machina and Matterfall. With the new licensing under Unreal Engine 4, there is now much more room to experiment with new ideas and genres.

“Throughout our 22 years, Housemarque has taken pride in building our own proprietary technology to build the games that we want to play. Our summer 2017 release – Matterfall bucked that trend and was the first Housemarque release to use Unreal 4”, said Ilari Kuittinen, CEO of from Housemarque. “We have made the decision to use Unreal Engine 4 exclusively going forwards. Unreal 4 enables fast prototyping, contains modern pipelines and editors for artists and designers and provides really valuable documentation and support forums. Plus, it’s still very customizable so we can still use our award-winning rendering and visual effects tech with the engine. We’ve got some exciting stuff in the works!”

While the Finnish developer has been mum on what their new project is exactly, we know that there will be some sort of announcement soon, which isn’t so bad. I’ve been impressed with every title the studio has released so far, with the music, the effects, and the gameplay, there’s going to be something good made with the new engine.