Hot Wheels Rift Rally

Mixed-Reality Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Announced

Velan Studios may be closing Knockout City in June, but the studio has something new on the horizon. According to a new press release, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is a new collaboration with Mattel.


This isn’t the studio’s first foray into mixed reality after previously working with Nintendo on Mario Kart Live. The big difference between the two properties is that Hot Wheels: Rift Rally allows you to transform your car into more than 140 digital variations. This includes iconic Hot Wheels such as Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, Mach Speeder, Gotta Go, and more.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally comes with a Campaign mode with players setting up Rift Gates at home to create a mixed-reality track and explore challenge maps with tons of races. There’s also Stunt mode, where you drive and stunt the Chameleon without gates while building and maintaining drifts, wheelies, and burnouts.


“Our mission at Velan has always been to create breakthrough games that feel magical to players,” said Karthik Bala, CEO, of Velan Studios. “Our background combining digital and physical play taught us a lot about the mixed reality racing genre we invented, which we used to bring a transformational new experience to Hot Wheels: Rift Rally.”

You can pre-order now for $175 CAD. Hot Wheels: Rift Rally will launch on the App Store for iOS and PlayStation Store on March 14, 2023.