Harvest ISland

Horror Farming Sim Harvest Island Launches on PC

‘Tis the season of spooky… but it’s also the season of chill and cozy!

Single-person studio Yobob Games has just released Harvest Island — a cozy retro-infused farming simulator paired with a dungeon crawler horror story.

Take control of Will and Samantha as you explore haunting Harvest Island — land of the gods — and encounter ever-changing landscapes that evolve throughout the game.

Be bold and creative in your pursuit of farming in-game currency Bless — which will help you explore your surroundings and find answers to the island’s deep-probing questions like: Why are you on the island? What is the significance of the gods? What deep, dark secret is your father hiding? Where did I put my sandwich… okay, that last one is just a result of me writing this while eating lunch.

Explore the island and collect resources to offer each day to the gods in exchange for buffs like extra inventory space and more stamina. Fish, raise animals and befriend the island’s animals. Craft tools, brave the weather and monitor changing tides as you attempt to answer the island’s questions. You can also do that if you want to farm the island and relax! 

Harvest Island is available now on Steam, Epic Games Store and itch.io.