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A Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster And New Multiplayer Game Reportedly In The Works for PS5

Well, it looks like Sony might be continuing to truck along while making an easier buck by bringing some of its most recent franchises natively to PS5 with reports of Horizon Zero Dawn getting a remaster for its 20+ million console at some point in the distant future, according to VGC. This isn’t official from Sony’s side for the Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remaster as it’s still early days but it honestly wouldn’t be shocking if true as the console maker has released similar native PS5 releases alongside neat enhancements of some of its biggest games including a remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018).

That Marvel game is probably the best comparison as the updated version of the five-year-old game is reportedly set to feature improved visuals, accessibility features, graphics modes and quality of life improvements to the gameplay. The reported version could add new character models, lighting, animations, and overhauled textures – characters could look more different like Peter Parker did in the remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The updated remaster approach to the original 2017 game is sounding like Guerilla Games is taking the lessons they’ve learned during Horizon Forbidden West‘s development cycle and applying them to Horizon Zero Dawn which was assumedly pushed by Sony as the studio’s next release.

The initial news got a lot of flack online as it was first reported as a remake via MP1ST but VGC’s sources thankfully are making it sound like a remaster instead of a remake. I only say that because in The Last of Us Part 1’s case, remaking a game less than a decade before the original release always felt ‘too soon’ so a game like Horizon Zero Dawn being remade almost four years after on PS4 seemed ridiculous when I first heard the news but that’s not the case if all this is true. Too early to say if the remastered version will be free for original owners on PS4 and PC. I mean we’re talking about Sony here, the same company who almost didn’t give Horizon Forbidden West PS4 owners their entitled free PS5 version until they were called out on it online.

That’s not the only Horizon game Sony is also reportedly working on, as VGC is also reporting that Guerilla Games (presumed to be the main developer anyway) is developing a multiplayer game for PC and PS5 that’s set to expand the Horizon series. The title might be part of Sony’s plan to release 10 service games from PlayStation Studios by March 2026.