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Horizon Forbidden West Sells Over 8.2 Million Units, Franchise Sales Total 32.7 Million

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West has sold over 8.4 million units since launching in February 2022, the studio has announced via the PlayStation Blog.

In the same post, Guerrilla celebrates 20 years of growth, starting out by making Game Boy Color games as the Lost Boys. In 2003, the studio decided to take an opportunity by the horns and push boundaries to steer the industry.

“As Guerrilla, we made a lot of work for ourselves right off the bat, creating 3D immersive games with Shellshock: Nam ‘67 and Killzone,” says Jan-Bart van Beek. “Unexpectedly, our small studio was quickly catapulted to the global stage. Killzone’s gritty galactic war captured the imagination of gamers, and we were proud of having made a mark in the industry and having developed a first-person shooter for Sony.”

Not long after launching the Killzone series, Guerrilla was acquired by Sony where it quickly experimented with PS Move, and the latest tech at the time. However, in 2013, the studio wanted to move away from the Killzone and asked the team what they wanted to focus on. And this is how the foundation of the Horizon series began.

“Let’s imagine this: E3 in 2015. Behind the scenes, we had been secretly working on Horizon Zero Dawn for several years – but now we were going to show it to the world. As we were waiting in line to get into the 5000-seat hall where PlayStation events were held, I turned to Hermen and said, “What if it doesn’t work? What if the whole idea of cave people fighting robot dinosaurs is just too silly?”

Fast forward to today and it is clear that there is a place for the Horizon series in today’s landscape. The world has grown alongside it with comics, VR games like Horizon Call of the Mountain, board games, and more.


As of April 16, 2023, the Horizon franchise has sold more than 32.7 million units worldwide, of which Horizon Forbidden West has sold over 8.4 million units.

“This reception has been staggering, and we’re grateful to the community for the continued love and support for the franchise. We, Guerrillas, feel lucky to witness that support every day: we share community fanart and cosplay. I want you all to know we are completely blown away by your enthusiasm,” says Jan-Bart van Beek.

The blog ends by confirming that Aloy’s adventures will continue.