Playstation's Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Partners With WWF Canada

If you’re all caught up on Horizon Zero Dawn and about to embark on your journey to the Forbidden West, then please take a moment to watch this video. In a new partnership, PlayStation Canada is teaming with WWF-Canada’ to help restore the coastal habitat in British Columbia.

To kick things off, beginning on February 18, 2022, $1 CAD from each copy of Horizon Forbidden West sold in Canada will be donated to WWF Canada’s coastal restoration work, up to $100,000 CAD.

WWF Canada’s goal is to help protect blue carbon, carbon that is absorbed and stored in the plants, algae and sediments of coastal ecosystems. The organization says the process isn’t as understood as it is on land but state underwater ecosystems can absorb more carbon than tropical forests. In addition, the system helps the planet cool but it is threatened by marine pollution, resource extraction, and coastal development.

Sony isn’t just partnering with one organization, instead, they have several charities around the world working to make the planet safer.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on a Road to Zero plan that aims to make a sustainable society with zero environmental footprints through its products by 2050. To further address the carbon impact, SIE has purchased carbon offsets from and certified by the Gold Standard organization equivalent to average emissions arising from around 10 million hours of gameplay on PlayStation consoles.