Sony's Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Is Taking Full Advantage Of The PlayStation 5

Horizon Forbidden West may have launched as a cross-generation title but Guerrilla Games is doing away with this for next month’s Burning Shores expansion.

To this day, Horizon Forbidden West is still one of the best-looking titles on the platform. This was achieved by utilizing the console’s CPU power and memory to hit that image quality and the console’s superfast SSD made loading screens a thing of the past.

On PS4 though, chunks of the game were either pre-loaded or immensely dialed back to make things work on the console.

For those wondering why this expansion isn’t coming to PlayStation 4, Digital Foundry goes over several key points regarding both versions that launched last year.

A new PlayStation Blog post indicates that next month’s expansion will take us to the cityscape ruins of LA with a ton of highly-detailed areas around it as you fly over to see the bigger picture.

“Another notable one is a particular battle scene that requires a LOT of memory and processing power! To achieve this grand vision both technically and creatively, we definitely were thankful for the many advantages that the PS5 hardware brings,” says Mathijs de Jonge, director of Horizon Forbidden West.

On PS5, the team uses the console’s processing power to run certain simulations at high speed to create more lifelike experiences.