Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Leaps Onto PS5 On October 6 And PC In Early 2024

Comes with the base game, the Burning Shores expansion, and other goodies

Sony has announced it’s releasing a complete edition of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 early next month on October 5th. A PC version of the release handled by PlayStation Studios’ in-house PC Port house is also heading to Steam and Epic Games Store sometime in early 2024, according to a PlayStation Blog post.

As the name implies, the complete edition comes with more than just the base price but the 2023 expansion from earlier this year, Burning Shores, in one convenient bundle. It doesn’t stop there as PS5 players looking to pick up this version of the 2022 release will also get a soundtrack, artbook, and the Sunhawk Vol. 1 comic, all in digital formats, plus bonus in-game items which altogether will cost $59.99 USD next month.

The upcoming PlayStation Studios release is set to launch the same month as Marvel’s Spider-man 2 and takes place six months after the original 2017 game that takes protagonist Aloy west as a plot from the planet’s past starts to unfold. Since Horizon Forbidden West‘s launch last year, the game reportedly sold over 8 million units as of April.

“Horizon Forbidden West is what more sequels should strive to be. Aloy’s journey is personal on many levels, and Ashly Burch’s performance is easily a highlight. Many of the improvements to combat, navigation, exploration, and visuals make this one of the most satisfying sequels in recent memory and serve as a game with a lot of highs and few lows. Horizon Forbidden West is the rare sequel that not only improves on every mechanic but also creates a lived-in world full of danger and wonder in every corner,” Bobby said in our Horizon Forbidden West review.

The base version of Horizon Forbidden West is currently available on PS4 and PS5, plus the Burning Shores expansion, but is exclusively playable on PS5 consoles only.