For Honor Getting Dedicated Servers, New Game Mode

fh roadmap all v7

Since launching in February of this year, For Honor has been a solid starter for Ubisoft, however, in the months that followed player base has fallen significantly due to the lack of dedicated servers, which Ubisoft decided to forego and stuck with P2P instead.

The other issue was the balancing of characters in online multiplayer modes. Despite all this, I platinumed the game, spending hours learning the intricate details of the battle system. Even still, there is a dedicated player-base after all this time, so with news of dedicated servers and a new road map for the upcoming months, it’s hard not to get excited to play For Honor again.

The team at Ubisoft Montreal is working on bringing dedicated servers to For Honor, which is coming in the future. With two new seasons coming, one in August, and another in November, each season will bring new content including new heroes, new maps, new gear and gameplay adjustments. This is included if you own the season pass, and those who do own the pass will get early access to new heroes.

A new competitive mode is coming and will feature 4v4 duels, as well as 4v4 PvP.

If you want to train, a new mode will help you learn and hone your skills to take to the battlefield.

Most importantly, gameplay balances to balance the heroes and game modes in For Honor, improvements will include changes to how defending and attacking work, attacking will be more “advantageous,” while defending will be less of a sure thing.

Read more about the changes over on the UbiBlog.