Holiday Gift Guide Tech

Console Creatures’ Holiday Gift Guide for Tech 2021

The festive season began the moment Halloween ended and that leaves more than enough time to really get into the spirit of the season. That’s means we’ve got ample time to consider what types of gifts to get our friends and family. Once again, we’ve combed through deals and compiled a list that we feel reflects some of the best available this year.

We found something for almost everyone in your family and this year features many good gift ideas. Be it a gamer, a techie, or somewhere in-between. This year we’re starting a bit earlier given the pandemic is still happening and deals are now starting much earlier to accommodate the situation.

Surface Pro 8


Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 8 earlier this year with it being the largest upgrade over previous Intel-based devices since the Pro 3. The Surface Pro 8 adds a stunning 120Hz display, thinner bezels, Thunderbolt support, and a new keyboard that integrates the Surface Slim Pen 2. the Surface Pro 8 is twice as fast as the Pro 8, which offers up to 16 hours of battery life and comes with Windows 11 built-in.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 starts at $1,399.

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Surface Laptop Studio


The new device is the successor to last year’s Surface Book 3 as it doubles as both a laptop and tablet, capable of doing anything in between work and gaming.

Using a 14.4-inch PixelSense Flow touchscreen with up to a 120Hz refresh rate, the screen is capable of outputting 2400 x1600 pixels and uses a 3:2 aspect ratio and uses the newly announced Surface Pen, which can be stored and charged within the keyboard. Also, included are four Dolby Atmos speakers.

Microsoft is supporting Thunderbolt with two Thunderbolt USB-C ports but lacks any SD slot.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 starts at $2,049.

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Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen 2

Every tablet needs a good keyboard these days. Enter the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen 2 – a compact keyboard that performs like a traditional laptop keyboard. It also comes with a large touchpad so you can control it with precision and comes in a variety of colours.

Microsoft has paired it with a Slim Pen 2 and sits comfortably in the keyboard’s built-in storage tray. This also doubles as the charger, so you’ll never be without power when you need it. The Slim Pen 2 also includes precision writing, acting in real-time so you can ensure everything you’re doing is up to the task.

The Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen 2 starts at $349.

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Theragun Elite

We’re all prone to soreness and what better way to alleviate this than with the use of a smart percussive therapy device that helps melt away any tension. It’s not good to sit all day, that much we know and the older we get, the more likely it is we’ll be sore or tight. Enter Theragun – a brand that’s quickly become the de facto leader in muscle treatment.

The Theragun Elite begins at $549.

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Therabody Wave Roller


If you’ve ever used a foam roller, then this is something to consider for the holidays. The Wave Roller combines the idea behind foam rolling with powerful vibration therapy. Using Bluetooth technology, you can pair the device with our phone and Therabody app to learn how to get the most out of the Wave Roller so your body can reap the rewards by relieving muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation.

The Therabody Wave Roller begins at $199.

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Therabody Power Dot


What the Power Dot does is it helps relieve pain, tightness, and performance. If you’ve ever dealt with a sore back, then you’ll know how stiff it can be moving around. PowerDot’s neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) send electronic pulses to stimulate your motor nerves to create muscle contraction and stimulate sensory nerves to temporarily relieve pain.

By stimulating these muscles and allowing them to release and contract, it helps with strength and performance as well. For women, the PowerDot helps with period cramps as well.

The Therabody Power Dot begins at $249 for the Uno and $439 for the Duo.

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Dyson Omni-glide


The Dyson Omni-glide is a compact, lightweight and versatile offshoot of the company’s cordless vacuum line. It’s designed to be exclusively used on hardwood and or tile. It’s an efficient vacuum that will serve well for those tending to households with that type of flooring.

The Dyson Omni-glide is lightweight and retains the company’s easy-to-assemble body. It’s made entirely out of plastic, with simple snap-and-lock features holding each piece in place. Removing a piece and swapping it out is as simple as clicking one of the many red buttons. Included in the box are the Omni-glide body, extended body attachment, and the vacuum roller head. Once built, the Omni-glide feels very sturdy.

The Dyson Omni-glide begins at $499.

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APC Back-UPS Gaming


If you’ve ever had your power cut out in the middle of a game, you’ll know how frustrating and potentially catastrophic the sudden loss of power can be to electronics. There are solutions out there to make that loss of electricity a bit easier and bearable like the APC Back-UPS Gaming UPS that provides a power supply for your equipment.

APC created this new UPS to protect expensive home entertainment gear — from video game consoles and computers to TVs and more. On the device is a power meter that tells you how much battery is available, and it will prevent any trouble like power surges and irregularities.

The APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA is available for $205 CAD and the APC Back-UPS 650VA for as low as $79 CAD.

The APC Back-UPS Gaming UPS begins at $79 for the 650VA and $205 for the 1500VA

Purchase the APC Back-UPS Gaming UPS at Amazon.

ASUS ZenBeam E2 mini LED projector

ASUS unveiled the ZenBeam E2 mini LED projector earlier this year and it features an Auto Portrait mode, 5-watt speaker, WVGA wireless projection, and wireless Bluetooth speakers. What’s cool about the Auto Portrait mode is it uses a built-in sensor to sense how you place the device and switches the projection to match the orientation. The ZenBeam also can go as high as 300 lumens and includes HDMI, USB-A and wireless projection from your iOS or Android devices.

The ASUS ZenBeam E2 weighs 410 grams and has ultra-compact dimensions of just 110 x 39.5 x 107 mm, so it’s ideal for those constantly on the go. Battery life is around 4 hours of playback and you can store it in its protective case when not in use.

The ZenBeam E2 mini LED projector begins at $499.