Hitman’s Final Target Revealed

Indie developer Io Interactive has had a turbulent few months, first Square Enix tried to offload the studio with no success, to the studio announcing the emancipation from parent company Square Enix.

For the final contract of season one of Hitman, Agent 47 will tackle “The Entertainer,” who also goes by the name Mr. Giggles. The mark is located in Marrakesh, and players have ten days to eliminate him, which after he will disappear.


If ET #26 is the first Elusive Target contract you complete in Marrakesh, you’ll earn the Summer Suit with Gloves for Agent 47. You will also earn the Terminus Suit if this is the first Elusive Target contract that you complete with the ‘Silent Assassin’ rating. Earning the ‘Silent Assassin’ rating will also count towards your progress for unlocking the Winter Suit. At this point, you’ll need to have already earned 4 Silent Assassin ratings from the previous 12 ET’s before starting The Entertainer to be able to unlock the prestigious Winter Suit via Elusive Targets.