Hitman World of Assassination Is Getting New Missions And Unlockable Items To Celebrate IO Interactive’s 25th Anniversary

For all of October which is set to kick off tomorrow

This month, Hitman developer IO Interactive is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the studio is letting players get on the studio’s quarter-of-a-century milestone action with a series of Hitman World of Assassination events getting added to the game throughout October, according to Gematsu.

Looks like this has been in the works for a bit, as the month-long anniversary event has an actual date lineup across October of new contracts, challenges, and limited-time elusive target missions, plus unlockable items players can get after completion. Interestingly, one challenge will feature DJ Dimitri Vegas, and the game is also getting an update and Twitch drop later this month.

Check out the full October anniversary lineup below:

  • October 5th:
    • Faster Than Rocco Challenge
      • Completing will unlock The Sniper Challenge Suit
    • Featured Contracts: Puzzle Box
  • October 13th to 23rd:
    • Elusive Target: Bad Boy
  • October 20th to 30th:
    • Elusive Target: The Food Critic
  • October 26th:
    • Game Update
    • New Challenge: A Nightmare in Hawkes Bay (unlocks Jack-O-Lantern Suit)
      • Completing will unlock The Jack-O-Lantern Suit
    • Codename 47 Challenge
      • Completing will unlock The Codename 47 Suit
  • October 27th:
    • Elusive Target: The Drop featuring Superstar DJ Dimitri Vegas
    • Twitch Drop: Purple Streak Suit

Even though the studio has been around longer since the PS2 first launched, it feels the studio has really hit its stride in the last couple of years since separating from Square Enix in 2017. The studio brings an added quality to the former Hitman 3 titled game, revitalizing the game for players.

The Denmark-based developer has sleuth of the upcoming games, including Project 007 – a James Bond game, Project Fantasy – an online RPG, and another unknown title in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios. Even though we don’t know that much about these upcoming games, it’s exciting times nonetheless; it’s safe to say, and I hope I’m not jinxing here, but the future is looking bright for IO.

Hitman World of Assassination is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Cboc One, Xbox Series & Nintendo Switch (via Cloud).