Hitman 2 Content Roadmap Provides First Look At New Locations, Missions And Sniper Maps

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive revealed what the future of Hitman 2 holds, with a content roadmap laying down the future of Agent 47. This includes content for both the base game and Expansion Pass owners with new Sniper Maps, Locations, Special Assignment Missions and much more.

Before the end of the year, Agent 47 will be visiting The Bank, The Prison and The Resort, with each new location bringing new targets, challenges and mastery unlocks that can be used.

Hitman 2 map

As for content, this is the breakdown from IO Interactive:


  • New Sniper Map: Hantu Port (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Unlock: Flamingo Costume
  • Unlock: El Matador
  • Ghost Mode: Santa Fortuna
  • Items and Emotes
  • Theme: Spring Break


  • New Location: The Bank (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment: Embrace of the Serpent (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment: Illusions of Grandeur (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Theme: Jungle Summer


  • New Sniper Map: The Prison (Gold Edition)
  • New Location: The Resort (Gold Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment (Gold Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment (Gold Edition)
  • Unlock: Outfit
  • Unlock: Antique Knife
  • Ghost Mode: Mumbai
  • Theme: The Rivals
  • Theme: Halloween

Weekly Live Content

  • Challenge Packs
  • Elusive Targets
  • Community Escalations
  • Featured Contracts