Hisense Announces Partnership With Xbox

Hisense is joining the Designed for Xbox partner program.

The focus of the partnership centers on the Hisense Laser line, which is a high-performance home television lineup. Hisense brings a more eye-friendly experience, with true-to-life colour and 100- to 130-inch immersive gaming.

Xbox will help Hisense work around the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to connect their home console to Hisense Laser displays for an easy and captivating gaming experience where every moment is larger-than-life, and every detail is brought to life with exceptional clarity and precision. This level of visual fidelity will be achieved through further updates to Hisense’s “Game Mode” technology for the laser display line of products. Providing a smooth and immersive gaming experience thanks to the high refresh rate and “Auto Low Latency Mode.”

“Hisense aims to provide not only superior products but also an entirely immersive experience designed to put you at the center of the action,” says Puneet Jain, senior director of marketing and e-commerce for Hisense Canada. “Our partnership with the Designed for Xbox program seeks to truly level up the gaming experience with more than 100 inches of image display.”