Squanch Games High on Life Justin Roiland

High On Life Has A Guy In A Hole

Squanch Games is back with its next game High on Life, a new game from Justin Roiland that continues to elevate the absurdity he’s crafted with Rick & Morty and Solar Opposites

Not surprisingly in the least, Roiland and his team at Squanch have a potential winner on their heads as High on Life sees humans are considered the hot new drug according to an alien cartel.

The concept sounds insane (and really it is) as you’ll have to work with talking guns (who thinks of this stuff?) to save the world from Garmantuous and his alien gang.

In the new short ‘Guy in a Hole,’ you’ll see a guy in a hole struggle with his reality as he is stuck in a hole. Squanch promises that there will be tons of these shorts in High on Life so you better hold on if you think this is all you’re going to experience.

High On Life is coming to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store and Xbox Series X|S on October 25, 2022.