Hideki Kamiya

Bayonetta Creator Hideki Kamiya Leaving PlatinumGames

Kamiya will be officially out by mid-October

One of the minds behind a series of big-time PlatinumGames titles is leaving the studio. Hideki Kamiya, vice president, co-founder, and creator of Bayonetta, departs the studio he founded in October.

The news was broken through a short post by the company’s social media accounts:

This brief statement gives no reason for the departure and wishes Hideki Kamiya well. It has been known that he was developing a game codenamed Project GG, a follow-up to his other original creation of The Wonderful 101.

The creator himself released a brief note in response. He notes “a lot of consideration based on my own beliefs.”

He says, “However, I feel this outcome is for the best. I will continue to create in my Hideki Kamiya way. I hope you’ll keep your eyes peeled.”

Project GG was announced in 2020 and was supposed to be Kamiya and Platinum’s first wholly owned and published game.

Before founding PlatinGames, Hideki Kamiya worked at Capcom, developing titles like Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 2, and then at Clover Studio, where he worked on Viewtiful Joe and Okami.