Here’s Your First Look At Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

Rockstar announced a new gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 was coming on August 9 at 11 AM EST, and they delivered a stunning first look at the upcoming game set for release on October 26.

For starters, the trailer was much longer than I expected but I am thankful for that as Rockstar broke down a lot of the new systems they have put in place. While looking complicated, a lot of the systems make things easier for the player; you don’t need to go in guns blazing at every chance but can diplomatically talk your way out of situations, I’ll probably still go in shooting first, that’s me though!

There’s a lot to process  – Dead Eye is back and is improved, as is the gunplay which now features a reworked system and authentic reload and recoil from each gun. Environments are highly detailed and full of wonder. Horses make a return and are important, allowing you to interact with them unlike before. Poker is back but I wasn’t a fan of it, I’ll end up checking it out later on.

Rockstar also introduced their hunting mechanics, building relationships and your base camp full of things to do. Camp allows you to grow relationships, providing supplies and food, ensuring everyone is happy and more.

You can also interact with the world, whether it’s someone who is in danger, a passerby – you can say hello, or prevent robberies or join in them. Combat is improved in every sense, brawls are now more involved and improved.

This is only the first video in a series, with the next one focusing on gangs, activities, and missions.


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  • Lewis Johnson
    16 August 2018 at 3:00 PM
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    Looks amazing! Can’t wait until the release of this game.

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