Here’s What Disney Infinity 4.0 Looked Like

Years ago, Disney Infinity was doing well. The games were fun, the toys were cool and things were looking good for Disney’s toys to life series. Then, things went quiet and then Infinity was cancelled. It’s been a few years since then, sometimes we see mock-ups of cancelled Marvel figures, and wish they were coming out.

Surprise! An anonymous leaker revealed alpha footage of what a potential Disney Infinity 4.0: Kingdoms would look like. It looks beautiful and it’s really a shame we won’t see this. In the footage, we see Aladdin and Yoda working together in Agrabah.

I’m a fan of the art direction and while this is a generally rough look at the spec project, I dig it. It’s beautiful and after growing up and watching these movies as a child, I’d love to explore these kingdoms.

Who knows, in the future, Disney could revisit this but approach the series differently. Toys to life is a hard sell but if you remove that aspect and double down on their existing properties in fun ways, it could work.